We have many Mares and Fillies that are available for sale.

Fantasia de Dulce PFHA#23640 Born: June/1994
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Fantasia de Dulce with her Baby Diamond C AthenaFantasia is one of our Favorite Mares, she has a great disposition and conformation. Not only is Fantasia pretty in the pasture, but she is pretty under saddle. She is fino gaited and just watching her move is something to see. She has a lot of brio and is eager to please. Fantasia comes from great bloodlines such as Capuchino, Festival International, and Postin. She has had several babies and her same traits of gait and conformation have been passed down to her offspring.  Video coming Soon....                              Fantasia de Dulce in Snow

Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE 

Sopresa Del Ocho PFHA# 27973 Born: April/1995
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Sopresa del OchoSopresa is a Chestnut mare who we picked up from Montana and was used as a brood mare for most of her life. She is green broke at this point and has a real quick gait and will move out on trail. Sopressa has great bloodlines her sire is Resorte V del Ocho who is the son of the Resorte IV , and other lines such as Varon, Carmin. She has potential of being a good horse for someone who wants to give her the time she needs. Also Sopresa has foaled some great babies and can still do so for anyone who would like to take advantage of her bloodline. Because we don't have the time we are willing to give her up for a low price to a good home.
Sale Price: SOLD

Ilusion de DL Born: Sept/1995
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Ilusion de DLIlusion is a great little bay mare, with fun personality and is a easier keeper. Ilusion is a daughter of one of the great sires Profeta De Besilu. She has a lot of brio, and is performance gaited. She is broke and handles all obstacles on the trail very well. She can really move out on the trail her legs move so fast and fancy, but she has no problem walking when asked. Ilusion will tie, and trim like a pro and will load in out trailer without any problem. We actually hate to part with her, but we have to many horses and have to cut back even if that means Ilusion de DLgetting rid of the best.

Sale Price: $5000.00


Flying M Replica PHFA#29593 Born: July/1997
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Flying M Replica in Pasture
Flying M Replica on Trail
Replica is a diamond in the rough we found her in Montana 3 years ago used only as a brood mare and was never broke. We brought her home my son does our training and started her under saddle.

She has developed to be one of our best horses we own her willing disposition, smooth fast gait, and
gentleness can only be admired.She is suitable for all types of riders. Not only does she have qualities of conformation and disposition but she is a daughter of the great sire Capuchino. We are proud to have her as part of our ranch and herd. 

 Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE


Sobra de Vison PFHA#36377 Born:Apr/2000
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Sobra de Vision (April) and NewellSobra de Vison aka (April) is a horse with great conformation and is pleasure gaited. April is one of the best trail horses you could own she will do whatever asked and she can climb mountain in some pretty rough terrain. She has been used to pack out deer during the hunt and has been used as our Grandchildren's babysitter. We use April for those just learning to ride and with minimal instruction April becomes the teacher. April is a horse that is suitable for any type of rider big or small.  We have a hard time trying to give her up because of those qualities. Sold

Sobra de Vison (April)April taken a Girl on her first ride




Flying M Salome PFHA# 39529 Born: July/2001
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Flying M SalomeFlying M Salome is a mare with great conformation, and has one of the smoothest gaits of our horses. She is pleasure gaited and is one of the horses that gets used quite frequently. Our Salome has great bloodlines as well such as Conde de La Corte, Petrolero del Juncal, and Festival International. Salome has been a easy keeper and is very responsive to any command. This horse will stay in gait in most speeds and come down to flat walk using little pressure. She loads and ties great, and has extensive trail experience, and training. Salome has developed tFlying M Salome on a Rideo be a horse suitable for all types of riders from beginner to experienced. We are not selling her at this time, because she is a favorite of the kids, but we are selling her Filly Diamond C Porscha listed below. Sold

Flying M Guitarra PFHA#45578 Born: June/2002
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Flying M GuitarraFlying M Guitarra is definitely one of the prized horses on the ranch. Guitarra is a performance gaited  horse with a ton of brio. Her gait is very animated with tons of energy. Everytime I get on this horse I can feel the power that is under me. She has very high endurance and moves out in a great largo and can climb a mountain like it is nothing. Guitarra is one of those horses that you dream about having. She comes from great bloodlines her Sire is Panorama II del Ocho who is a son of Terremoto de Manizales her Mother is Jardinera de las Casas who is a daughter of Petrolero del Juncal. Guitarra has been a great addition to our program and we are lucky to have her. Video coming soon... Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE
Flying M Guitarra

Flying M Parabola PFHA#44966 Born:June/2002
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Flying M ParabolaFlying M Parabola is one of those horses that has it all. She has a great friendly personality and will be one of the first in the pasture to greet you.  Her personality is almost deceiving in what this horse really can do. Parabola is a steam engine of the paso fino. This horse has one of the fastest if the not the fastest largos of our horses. She has a ton of brio and has a very animated performance gait. She is ridden two to three times a week, and has the endurance to prove it. Parabola comes from great lines such as Patrimino del Ocho, and Conde de la Corte. She is a great mother and has had several babies on our ranch and few of them are available for sale please see below Sonador,Diamond C Mercedes. 
Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE

Sonador PFHA#348901 Born: May/2006
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Sonya on Deep Creek Trail July 2011Sonya is our 5yr old filly who is out of our mare Flying M Parabola who is seen right above. At a few weeks of age Sonya was experiencing trail rides by following her mother over rocks and through rivers, and has gained a great foundation like all of our foals that are born here. Sonya ties great, and loads and backs out of the trailer with ease. She is started under saddle and has been on the trail 3-4 times a week for the last month. She has a nice smooth gait and can get out in move, but she has no problem walking when asked. She has great conformation, and awesome bloodlines such as Capuchino,Terremoto, Candelario de la Vitrina,and Festival International. Sonya is smart and has thSonya on trail July 2011e makings of being a fantastic finished horse. As Sonya's trainging progresses so will her price right now she is available at a bargain, but not for long.
 Sale Price:SOLD   

Estrella Diamond C PFHA#48902 Born: Apr/2006
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Estrella Diamond C

 Estrella Diamond C is our first paso fino born on our ranch. She has a nice pleasure gait to her and is broke to ride and had lots of experience on the trail. She is developing to be a fantastic horse with brio she is suitable for a intermediate up to a experienced rider. We believe in giving or foals trail experience at a very young age and are on the trail following their mothers within the first few weeks of life. We feel this gives us them a firm foundation on how to approach obstacles and think things through. Estrella is no exception to that, and is extremely sure footed coming down the roughest terrain. Estrella is a daughter of Payaso who is listed in the Gelding section of the website. Estrella carries bloodlines such as Capitan de la Vitrina, and Petrolero del Juncal,Hilachas, Mar de Plata Lace. Due to having to many horses she is one that we may have to give up she really is an exceptional horse. Sale Price: $4500. 
Estrella and Brad Dropping down into the river

Mariposa Diamond C PFHA#51525 Born:Apr/2007
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Mariposa Diamond C on ride July 2011Maiposa or Posie is a great filly and is a daughter out of one of our top mares Flying M Guitarra and her Sire is Payaso who seen on the Gelding section of the website. Where to begin with this horse she has become a fast favorite at our house and is one of the first to go on the ride.  Posie has developed to become one of the best horses on our ranch and we are excited to see how much further she will grow. She has the a letter "s"  pattern on her forehead and has developed and is known to our friends and family as the SuperMan Horse. She has a great disposition and will stand,trim, lead and load without any problems whatsoever. Posie has had extensive trail experience now, and has faced every challenge with ears forward and a " lets do this attitude". She is one that we are not willing to part with at this point. Mariposa Diamond C

 Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE     




Mandalina Diamond C PFHA# 55631 Born:7/2007
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Mandalina Diamond CMandalina or Mandy is a daughter of our mare Sobra de Vison(April) and her sire is Flying M Payaso. Our son started Mandy in the round corral and after four rides he had her out on the trail. Mandy has pleasantly surprised us in what she is becoming to be. She is a smart girl an has a great disposition like both of her parents, and nice smooth gait. We have plans for Mandy in that she will be another of our horses that is suitable for every type of rider. She is learning quickly and getting to point for most types of riders would be able to ride her. She is going to be a great trail and mountain horse. We are going to keep Mandy to see how well she will be able to fit into our program.  Sale Price: Not For Sale               Mandalina Diamond C

Diamond C Athena PFHA#53875 Born: May/2008
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Diamond C AthenaAthena is our little gem and is the daughter of our top mare Fantasia de Dulce(fino) and her sire is Capo de Arroyo Maraca(fino). She has amazing bloodlines such as Capuchino,Festival International,Petrolero de Juncal, Capitan de La Vitrina. Not only does Athena have awesome bloodlines she has her mothers great disposition, and outstanding conformation with a striking blood bay color. Athena's gait is elegant and showy and she may be our next fino horse. Athena is a horse that really seems to have everything, and we named her after the Mythology Greek Goddess for a reason. We will start this Filly in a few weeks and has been long awaited.  We are very excited to see what she will develop into. Due to Athena's potential she has been picked up by our son and is not available for purchase. Sale Price: NOT FOR SALE Diamond C Athena

Diamond C Mercedes PFHA#53406 Born: May/2008
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Diamond C MercedesDiamond C Mercedes is a bay filly out of one our top mares Flying M Parabola. Mercedes has some great bloodlines such as Capuchino,Terremoto, Candelario de la Vitrina,and Festival International. She has great conformation and a nice pleasure gait this horse can move like her mother. Our son started Mercedes this Summer(2011) she has done so well. She is very natural gaited and is going be a great horse. Every obstacle that has been presented she has conquered with confidence, and ease. She is so fun to watch move out under saddle. She really is just a showy looking horse, and has that potential if anyone would like to pursue that. Mercedes has been sent to World Class Paso Fino Trainer to finish her training. We would love to keep her, but we need to focus on other horses our loss is your gain. Sale Price: $3500.00

Diamond C Mercedes

Diamond C Porscha PFHA#53405 Born May/2008
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Diamond C PorschaDiamond C Porscha is a little chestnut filly who is out of our mare Flying M Salome. Porscha has excellent bloodlines such as Terremoto, Petrolero del Juncal, Festival International, Conde de La Corte, Canderlario de la Vitrina these winning combinations of bloodlines have been seen in some highly competitive horses today. This filly has a great friendly disposition and her gait seems reflect from her mother who is one of the smoothest horses we own. Porscha has lots of ground work done she loads,leads and ties great. With her willing attitude she will be a great horse and trail companion. As all of our foals on our ranch she has experienced all of the obstacles of the trail starting a few weeks old following her mother through rivers and rocks. We really hate to get rid of this great girl. Posrscha is currently going through training by the World class trainer Alberto Sierra. This is your chance to take advantage of a filly with world class breeding for a bargain. Sale Price: $3000Diamond C Porscha

Diamond C Zaphina PFHA#54506 Born:June/2009
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Diamond C ZaphinaDiamond C Zaphina is out of one of our top mares Flying M Parabola. Her sire is the 1996 Grand Columbian Fino Champion Galan de Las Guacas and several time National Champion. If your not familiar with Galan de las Guacas he is a son of Capuchino and has traveled the world in his life span competing against the best of the best and is a Champion of Champions. Galan was put down last year(2010) due to health problems. Zaphina is going to be a mover she has some nice size to her and stunning black color. Zaphina is green broke and has completed her basic training by World Class Paso Fino trainer Alberto Sierra.  This girl is already becoming one of our favorites with her mothers friendly disposition and combination of both parents. Zaphina has great bloodlines on both sides of her lineage with Galan de las Guacas on one side, and Patrimino del Ocho, Conde de la Corte on the other.   Sale Price: $3000