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Diamond C Zaphiro PFHA#54505 Born: May/2009
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Diamond C Zaphiro one of the last born sons of Galan de Las GuacasDiamond C Zaphiro comes out of one our top performance mares Flying M Guitarra. Zaphiro's Sire is the 1996 Grand Columbian Fino Champion Galan de Las Guacas and several time National Champion. If your not familiar with Galan de las Guacas he has traveled the world in his life span competing against the best of the best and is a Champion of Champions. He was put down in(2010) due to health problems and our colt Zaphiro is one of the last sons sired from Galan in 2009. Not only does Zaphiro have great bloodlines from Galan but on his mother's side he has Terremoto de Manizales, Petrolero del Juncal.  We are very excited about this guy he is a spitting image of his father and carries himself with regalness and determination. He has yet to be started, but our plans are to get him going in few months and we cannot wait. Watching him move in the pasture and round corral we know he is going to be special and maybe our next Fino Champion. Zaphiro has been started and trained under saddle by Alberto Sierra World Class Paso Fino Trainer. Zaphiro is so fancy and is quite the gentleman under saddle he is still undergoing training, but is progessing very well. Zaphiro is currently standing at stud and will be entereing the show ring very soon. We are so excited words cannot explain how we feel about this guy and consider ourselves lucky tDiamond C Zaphiro one of the Last sons of Galan de las Gaucaso have just a bit greatness on our ranch. On the bottom of this page I have posted some links to videos of Galan de las Guacas so you can see him competing and where his baby comes from. Keep an eye for this guy we plan on having some exciting updates on his career.

    Introduction Stud Fee: $750 for all breeding in 2012

Zaphiro's father (Click on the link on the side to see the video):                    

Galan de Las Guacas 1996 Columbian Championship (click on link to see video):