Our family has been involved with horses for over 30 years with many different breeds. We have found like so many of you that the Paso Fino is not just a great horse, but the ultimate horse. When we got our first Paso Fino we were  amazed not only by the regalness of the smooth gait, but the endurance and giving disposition. Since that day we sold all our other horses and never looked back and embraced the Paso Fino Breed.

Diamond C Ranch

We moved from our home in N. Logan, Utah to just 20 minutes across the boarder to Franklin, Idaho. We are avid trail riders and have access to some great mountain trails in our own backyard.  Riding horses has not only allowed the entertainment and admiration of the Paso Fino, but has allowed us to connect with our family and friends. 

If your interested in the breed we love to take new people out and let the horse do the converting. If your new to the Paso Fino or a already die hard to the breed come and take a ride. We have many horses for sale, and you can see which ones are available under the Stud, Gelding, Mares/Fillies sections of the website. 

Any Questions about us and or our horses are welcomed and encouraged. Give us call or shoot us an email 

Happy Trails:

The Crookstons